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The How-To Guide Business Presentation

For Your Grocery Online Shopping Business



Free Business Awareness Presentation for Online Grocery Shopping Basic Needs Products.



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How does it work? 

    • The system of Online Grocery Business Club with known items has been proven to be effective, efficient that saves time, money, effort to thousands of consumers nationwide and worldwide. 


    • Members act as the wholesaler, middleman, or retailer without additional expenses. 


    • There is no need to build a grocery or sari-sari store and one does not need to put up a big capital. 


    • The capital is very affordable to every consumer and it’s very easy to start the business for those who seek opportunity financially. 


    • The products are already used by everyone so you don't have to create a market.


    • The market had already been there ever since. There are a lot of ways to earn compared to just the ordinary and traditional supermarket.



Imagine, you buy groceries in your favorite SUPERMARKET every day or every month for many years because you need it for your family consumption.

By promoting your favorite grocery store product that you’d like, Imagine you do not earn a profit from your neighborhood or acquaintances from your favorite supermarket.


Imagine you do not have any bonuses from their store.

Imagine there is no long-term business opportunity at your favorite supermarket that you’ve shopped for 5, 10, or 20 years.


Imagine this, the partners of Grocery business club are multi-million pesos and multi-billion company. 

If these big companies believe in Online Grocery Business, so can you? Is it right?   


Imagine this, even if you have no Marketing background or you are not a good salesperson. 

Don’t worry; here in Grocery online business it's easy to sell the product because you use it every day. 

And that makes Grocery business a stable and wonderful business opportunity.



Glimpse of Success Story



Five Reason Why Grocery Online

Is The Next Big Thing


First reason Consumable Products - Imagine why so many Seven Eleven, Family Mart, Mini Stop businesses are coming out today? Why?

Because these businesses offers consumable product and that's Grocery Business Club.

Grocery product is consumables and fast turnover then your capital is not getting stuck.


Second reason Marketable Products - Our products are already advertised on TV, so you do not need to explain, no demo-demo.

So, what does it mean for you and me? We have a profitable business.


Third reason they say that you will join a Networking company should be consumable and should be unique.

Grocery may not have a unique product but Grocery has a Unique Concept.


Usually what happen when you're buying grocery in the Super Market, it’s like with points or rebates you get every time you buy grocery in the Super Market.

But here at Grocery offer a different way, instead of points coming back to you, Cash rebates will come back to you.

I think this is what Grocery a unique opportunity.


The best is, in Grocery when you buy your personal groceries you will earn with cash rebates.

The moment you invite someone or refer someone to buy in Grocery, you can have also rebates from their purchases and remember it’s not points, it is Cash!


Fourth reason Business Opportunity - for you to understand the business opportunity.

I say let me start with the Question, if ever you'll be given a chance to be a Doctor and earn 6-digit income per month will you grab it?

Of course, your answer Yes!, the income is about 6 digits per month why should I let it go.


Now, here's the second option, if ever you'll be given a chance to be the Owner of that Hospital where that Doctor is working will you grab it?

That’s a Tricky Question but, for sure you will answer, Yes! I want to be the owner of that Hospital.


Now that's my point.

Would you like to be a consumer forever without having any groceries or would you like to be a business man, where you can earn from every groceries of people?


So, that's Grocery business club.

We are not just offering consumable, marketable, convenient to people.

We are also offering Business Opportunity to people who are looking for good business.


Fifth reason System – So that you can understand the reason # 5 System I say, let's try to make a comparison.

Comparison for a sari-sari store and Grocery, let's say you will start a sari-sari store business worth 50K your capital.

And I will build a Grocery business which is lesser than that capital.

Let's talk about FACT number 1, the moment you post product to Facebook with your sari-sari store business, can people in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao or abroad can buy your products?

Not possible right?




Because It is only limited in your area of territorial boundaries or in your location.

However, on my end as Grocery member, as Grocery's office grows and multiplies I don’t need to add a Capital.


Grocery's offices expanded my business market getting larger and that's one of the factor about system.

That's Grocery's system that I love and sure you'll love it too.


Let's talk about credit card and debit card payment's.

If there are people who can buy products in your own grocery store and they will use a credit card and a debit card to pay you, is it possible?

Not possible right?


But, here in Online Grocery business club the moment you will pay credit card or debit card we accept those type of payments. Electronic and cashless payments ecosystems.

Because we have an online system that can do that and that's business for me.

So, my business opportunity is unlimited at any time.


That's what I like in Online Grocery Business, it's a system that can scale up your business worldwide.



You Have Everything You Need To Start A

Grocery Business Today...




The How-To Guide Business Presentation

For Your Grocery Online Shopping Business



Free Business Awareness Presentation for Online Grocery Shopping Basic Needs Products.


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